Photo of the Week March 6-12

Part of my reason for doing a photo of the week is to challenge myself to get out and do different things. For the past year I’ve been stuck in a rut with my photography, only doing my horse racing photos unless I was on a field trip with my photography club. Even with my field trip images I wasn’t doing much with them. I want this year to be different. I want to learn and grow and do things that will make me a better photographer. As I recover from the various injuries I’ve suffered the past couple of years I want to get out and explore more with my camera. I want to go to the places I used to run, but this time with my camera and capture images that give others a sense of what it’s like to be in that place at that time. But to do that I need to improve. And the only way to improve is to keep practicing. To try different things, different techniques, different subjects, experiment.

One thing I’ve been neglecting in my photo of the week posts is the how and why. I always intended to write about this, but in my time limited state have been neglecting that aspect. But this week I’m including it.

This weekend was cold and wet so I decided to get my flash out and play around. I haven’t done much flash photography so I experimented a little bit. First I set the scene by placing one of my teddy bears into the black box I kept for photography purposes. I took a test shot, which naturally was way over exposed.

Test image – over exposed. Flash set to -2 exposure comp, F4, 1/200, ISO250, SOOC

Then I tried bouncing the flash off the ceiling, but because of the box the light was only hitting the top of his head

Flash bounced off ceiling; f4, 1/200, ISO250, SOOC

Then I tried with flash exposure comp set to -5 with the flash on a 45 degree angle. This one I liked a lot better, but after processing it wasn’t my favourite.

Flash at 45deg, f4, 1/200, ISO250, Exp comp -5, processed using NIK software

I had the window behind me so I did also have some natural light and I played around with different angles. I also decided to give Rembrandt lighting a go by turning the box to be parallel with the window and not using the flash. I do like this image, as I love the concept and it’s something I’ve played around with before. Unfortunately his foot was too exposed to the light and so is a lot brighter than his face. I think with some more processing time I might be able to do a bit more with this.



But my favourite image of the session is this one:


Final settings:

F4, 1/200, ISO250, Flash exposure comp -5, flash pointed directly at subject.


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