Photo of the Week 6-12 Feb 2017

A bit late, but last week’s photo of the week. Just before Christmas I discovered a new tea shop in Riccarton Mall. My husband noticed my interest and bought me some teas and a teapot for Christmas. I wanted some green teas but by the time I got back to the shop they didn’t have much stock left so I ordered online. When my teas arrived they were packaged in this really cool black box which I decided to keep for photography purposes.

This weekend I decided to get it out and see how it would work. I had some flowers given to me by some very lovely and very special people. One is an inspirational lady who lives with Rheumatoid arthritis and in spite of that and all of her other health challenges manages to kick my butt in the gym every week. Her husband works for the New Zealand Fire Service and given the current situation in Christchurch is incredibly busy right now, but still found time to come and chat to myself and make sure another lady – also an evacuee – was doing ok before heading off to night shift.

This week’s photo of the week is dedicated to them – and everyone else who manages to not only smile through all the challenges that life throws at them, but are constantly thinking of others.

To the givers of the world.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa 


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