Photo of the Week

A very quick post tonight for my image of the week. I’m bending the rules a little bit here because while this is not a horse racing photo, it was taken at the races. Part of the reason I specifically stated that my weekly image had to be a non horse racing photo was to encourage me to get out with my camera more. But, to be honest, last week was a bitch of a week. I spent quite a lot of it at home hiding from the world. I did get out and do some photography stuff though as one of my photography clubs had it’s opening night and I went to that (before I went into hibernation mode!).

The other driver for having non horse racing photos is because it challenges me to do different things with my editing. Because I take so many photos at any given race meeting and I need to get them out the door quickly I don’t do much to them. I have a preset saved in Lightroom which I apply to all of the images and then just go through them all and tweak exposure and cropping where I need to. It’s not really challenging or creative. This photo is obviously edited differently and I spent a bit more time on it bringing out the detail and converting it to black and white. So I’m ok with my image of the week bending the rules a bit 🙂 As long as it doesn’t start happening too often!

So about the image … This was one of the many cute dogs (including mine!) at the races yesterday. I was wandering past and he was just sitting there so nicely that I decided to take his photo. He was sitting under a red canopy though so once I got the photo onto the computer I noticed the top of his head had a red cast to it – hence the black and white. Once I converted though I loved it, but then again I have a soft spot for black and white so expect to see a few more over the coming year 🙂



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