Hi … my name is Emily and I’ll be your guide today!

I’ve decided to start this blog for many reasons, which I’ll get into,  but first I’ll give you a bit of background. Growing up I was never a particularly sport or adventurous person. In fact, aside from swimming and high jump I did my best to get out of PE classes and events – especially anything to do with running. As so often happens, after leaving high school I started gaining a lot of weight. After yo yo dieting for a few years, I started running in 2012. Don’t ask me why, I just wanted to be able to do it because runners always looked really cool. Initially my plan was just to complete the Couch 2 5k programme and be able to run 5km. But somehow I got hooked and just kept going! At the end of 2013, after having run 2 half marathons I decided to train for and run a marathon. So I started a blog to keep me accountable – sticking to things has never really been my strong point!

Six months into marathon training I woke up one morning and could barely walk due to pain in my hip. After a few weeks, and much physio, it wasn’t really getting any better so I went to the doctor and had a bunch of tests to find that I had a labral tear, most likely caused by a hip impingement. This led to surgery and a really long recovery. If you’re interested you can find my old blog detailing my running journey, injury, surgery and (partial) recovery here.

While I was running, it was all consuming. Running and working out was pretty much all I did – and if I wasn’t exercising I was recovering from exercise. After getting injured and not being able to workout all the time I found new interests. We have interests in race horses and I started going to races with my husband instead of staying home because I had a big run the next morning. After my operation my parents came over from Australia to stay for a bit. My dad is an amateur photographer and playing around with his camera while he was here reminded me of how much I’d loved photography when I did some courses at college. So I bought a camera. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

2016 was a strange year. I’d started taking photos of harness racing and putting them online and I was getting requests from owners for photos of their horses. So my photography kind of shrunk down until it was pretty much just horse racing photos. In 2017 I want to focus more on growing my photography. I want to use it as motivation to get active again. At this stage I don’t have plans to start running again. I may do one day, but for right now it’s about being fit and healthy enough to go out and take photos of some of the amazing scenery that surrounds me here in Christchurch and wider New Zealand. Places that not everyone goes to.




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